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Favicon HR Trend Institute
17. April, 04:26 Uhr

On April 17, 2018, we reached 250 participants, so the test is closed.  The Big 5 factor model The Big 5 factor model is widely used in personality tests. In its traditional format, you must answer many questions in a questionnaire. People responsible for selection, in organisations and agencies, are looking for simpler and more attractive ways to conduct personality testing. Speed and visual...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
09. April, 15:37 Uhr

What is good (or even better “world class”) HR? In this article, I review 12 ingredients of what I consider good HR. Good HR is HR that makes a major contribution to achieving the objectives of the business: HR with impact. 1. HR speaks the language of business The HR handbook has many chapters. Many HR professionals want to implement the complete handbook. Much time has already been lost with...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
10. April, 09:39 Uhr

HR organisations are changing. What are some of the trends we are sensing? 1. HR is mainly HR Operations Most of what HR does, can be captured under the label HR operations. World class HR operations are key, and many organisations are carving out and centralising HR operations. Outsourcing or partially outsourcing is certainly an option. Centers in Poland, the Philippines and India are...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
13. April, 10:00 Uhr

Give me my time back! After a presentation yesterday, I spoke to some senior HR professionals of big multinationals. They liked my preaching about the virtues of HR tech, but warned me that maybe I should also spend some attention to the other side of the coin: the virtues of less technology, combined with the virtues of less HR. In their organisations the assignment to all staff groups was:...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
23. April, 07:05 Uhr

Ask Tom! Regularly I receive questions, via e-mail or LinkedIn. Sometimes I answer. Some of my answers I will collect in this post. The answers will be edited a little bit, to make sure organisations and people cannot be recognised. Questions can be asked via LinkedIn or e-mail. 1. We need an engagement survey, quick The Question: One of our consultants is doing some work at a mid-size client....

Favicon HR Trend Institute
16. Oktober, 07:07 Uhr

On October 18 and 19 the 4th HRcoreACADEMY will take place in Brussels. This conference, organised by Teneo, will have two streams, focusing on Learning & Development, and Talent Trends. Tom Haak, director of the HR Trend Institute, will chair the Talent Trends stream, together with Dimmy van Zanten of Cubiks. Tom Haak will also give a keynote, titled “Key elements of agile HR”. More...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
13. Oktober, 05:53 Uhr

Last week a nice book was published on Agile HR (in Dutch). In 128 pages the book gives clear guidance for HR professionals who want to know more about agile, and how HR can contribute in agile organisations. The book contains many practical examples and checklists. Also useful reading for HR students. Willemijn Boskma, Minke Buizer, Nienke van de Hoef, Gideon Peters en Willy Zelen: Agile HR –...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
12. Oktober, 08:54 Uhr

On November 2, 2017, from 8 – 2 PST, Elevate Virtual 2017 will take place. Elevate is the world’s largest virtual conference for HR professionals. Tom Haak, of the HR Trend Institute, will geve a presentation about “The Psychology of People Analytics“. His presentation will be at 11.00 am PST (= 7 pm CET = 6 pm GMT). Registration for the conference is free, please use this link. There is an...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
09. Oktober, 06:01 Uhr

On September 27, 2017, Tom Haak, director of the HR Trend Institute, gave a presentation on current HR trends and the implications for recruitment. His presentation was part of Webinar Week 2017, organised by Werf&, ZiPconomy and HR Zone. The presentation is now available on YouTube, in a Dutch and in an English version.     A Dutch blog post, summarising the presentation, can be found...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
04. Oktober, 16:16 Uhr

On October 19, 2017, from 16.00-20.00 there is an interesting meeting organised by the Human Capital Network North-Holland. The focus is on Empowerment. The meeting will be in Dutch. Registration is still possible! Good content and excellent networking opportunities. More information: here Registration: here. The post 19 October 2017: Focus on Empowerment appeared first on HR Trend Institute.

Favicon HR Trend Institute
21. März, 14:05 Uhr

Working as the HR Director of Destia, a leading Finnish infrastructure company, it’s my duty to understand the global HR trends and best practices, and to consider what impact or opportunities these present with regards to our work and business. But at times you need to distance yourself from the daily work and reflect whether you are going in the right direction. These were the key reasons why...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
02. Oktober, 10:30 Uhr

On September 27, 2017, I participated in a Meetup of the Agile HR community. The theme of the meetup: How to redesign performance management for an agile world. At the meetup I gave a short presentation, sharing some of my views on the subject. Performance Management: Why? There are several objectives of performance management. Development. Give people and teams feedback, that can be used to...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
12. März, 11:44 Uhr

An area where HR clearly can improve is storytelling If you ask an HR team: “Tell me your story?”, it often takes a long time before the team has put a coherent and compelling story together. Sometimes they can show their plan (25+ pages in PowerPoint), but it becomes more difficult if they have to summarise the plan in a five-minute pitch. Often I loose interest after the first...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
25. September, 06:00 Uhr

Picture 1: Staffing teams Picture 2: A typical recruitment process as possible today   On Wednesday September 27, I conducted a webinar titled “HR Trends and the implications for Recruitment“. In my preparation, I made two pictures I would like to share with you. Recruiting: making sure the required capabilities are accessible There is a shift from recruiting for positions to recruiting to...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
21. September, 06:00 Uhr

Training and development opportunities are always high on the list of people, when they are judging current and future employment. XS2Talent, a Dutch company, has designed a nice innovative solution, that helps to position lifelong learning  better to employees, and make it more attractive as well. Currently the solution works in The Netherlands only, as approval of the tax authorities is...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
18. September, 09:11 Uhr

As part of the Webinar Week 2017, organised by Werf& with ZiPconomy and HRZone, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute will conduct a webinar on “HR Trends and the Implications for Recruitment”. The webinar will be in Dutch. Date: Wednesday, September 27 Time: 11.15-12.00 Registration: Free, go to the website of the Webinar Week. In that week there are many more interesting webinars. The post...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
18. September, 08:17 Uhr

The Dutch training provider NCOI regularly published a magazine (in Dutch): Lifelong Learning.  In the last issue a column of Tom Haak, Director of the HR Trend Institute.   The post The Future Proof HR Professional appeared first on HR Trend Institute.

Favicon HR Trend Institute
18. September, 06:00 Uhr

As hiring volumes increase and the field continues to evolve, HR managers in the United States face unique challenges. Currently, HR technologies and strategies are being employed that will alter the industry, and as hiring volume is expected to increase almost 60% in 2017, it is crucial that professionals be at the forefront of hiring trends. EBI looked 60 hiring statistics that use metrics to...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
15. September, 15:42 Uhr

Zufunft Personal 2017 Tom Haak, Director of the HR Trend Institute, will be present at Zukunft Personal 2017, from September 19-21 (in Cologne). He will give a presentation, guide a tour and facilitate a discussion in the “Meet the Blogger” series. He is always interested to learn more about innovative HR solutions. If you have tips, an/or want to drink a cup of coffee at the fair, contact him...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
11. September, 06:00 Uhr

From fixed jobs to flexible jobs to skill pools The slow shift has been going on for years now. The Tayloristic organisation, where everybody has a clearly defined and assigned job, often does not work so well. Especially when the assignments are not so clearly defined, more flexibility is required. The jobs become more flexible, and employees get the opportunity to craft their own job, to make...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
04. September, 06:59 Uhr

HR Tech is moving, but not as fast as it could. Tom Haak gave a presentation at the HR Tech Tank in Amsterdam. This is a summary of what he presented. HR Tech Tank Andrei Majewski of HR Tech Tank kindly asked me to give a short presentation at the HR Tech Tank Meeting that took place in Amsterdam on August 31, 2017, in Amsterdam. It was a lively meeting, where some interesting HR Tech solutions...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
12. Februar, 06:05 Uhr

HR can learn a lot from marketing and market research. Employees are consumers, and why would they behave a lot differently in the workplace than in the marketplace? Last year we used the terrific material of trendwatching.com on the 2017 consumer trends as the basis for our article: 2017 consumer trends and the opportunities for HR. Time for an update. In this article we look at the major 2018...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
13. Februar, 08:35 Uhr

In September 2017, at Zukunft Personal 2017, Tom Haak was interviewed by Agnes Uhereczky, of the WorkLife Hub. You can watch the interview on YouTube (8 minutes). The post “Use your imagination, HR”. Interview with Tom Haak appeared first on HR Trend Institute.

Favicon HR Trend Institute
21. August, 09:18 Uhr

Technology giant Google recently found itself embroiled in a controversy over accusations of bias in their hiring process. Without rehashing the situation, the short version is that the company faced some debate about preferential treatment towards specific demographics and diversity. The validity of the argument is a story for another time and place, but it does open up one very important...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
06. Februar, 06:00 Uhr

In 2017 the website of the HR Trend Institute was visited by people from 201 countries! 71% of these visitors came from 15 countries: USA, with 21% of the total number of visitors India, 16% Netherlands, 9% UK, 6% Germany, 3% Canada, 3% Australia, 2% Philippines, 2% Belgium, 2% Singapore, 2% Spain, 2% South Africa, 2% France, 1% Thailand, 1% Italy, 1% We are very glad with this international...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
31. Januar, 15:27 Uhr

Wellbeing at work gets more attention In the recent times, more and more organisations are taking the wellbeing of their employees a lot more seriously. And why shouldn’t they? Research has shown that a healthy and engaged workforce can cut down the cost per employee more than $1500. If yours is a large organisation, this means a lot of money can be saved, which in turn translates to an...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
05. Februar, 06:00 Uhr

If you want to create confusion in a group of consultants, you should start a discussion about the purpose of organisations. There is always someone who starts explaining (with an underlying tone of “why do I always have to explain the basics?”) what a purpose is, and what the difference is between purpose, mission, vision and values. For a moment it seems to be clear, but that never lasts...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
17. August, 06:00 Uhr

The potential of the Employee Experience concept In 2015, Airbnb announced that they were appointing a Global Head of Employee Experience. The following year, the company topped Glassdoor’s list of the 50 Best Places to Work. Today, a Google search for the term “employee experience” will yield results from several organisations with formalised employee experience roles within their HR...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
01. Februar, 06:00 Uhr

What is Remote-how? Recently we got in touch with an interesting start-up: Remote-how. Remote-how is a monthly remote work & travel incentive program, to attract and retain top talents. They organise the possibility for young top talent to work at a remote location for one month. During this month they continue working, and also learn a lot about all the important aspects of remote working....

Favicon HR Trend Institute
14. August, 06:00 Uhr

The main objective of succession management today is to give the Supervisory Board comfort If you talk to CEO’s and CHRO’s of large organisations, succession management always is a high priority. And it has been for many years. Also, supervisory boards put succession management high on their agenda, as the composition of the top team is the most vital element through which they can influence...

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