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06. August, 14:00 Uhr

The newly appointed people operations manager of a fast growing scale-up (120 people today) called me. She had just started, and if I could give some advice. We drank a coffee in Amsterdam. Below a short summary of my tips. 1. Don’t hire an HR manager My first message was: I would not have hired you. Why would an organisation with 120 people hire their own HR manager? Usually the pattern is...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
13. August, 06:04 Uhr

Do you really trust your employees? Do your employees really trust you? The fashion is, to communicate that you really trust your people, and that you are more a servant leader, leading from behind, than an authoritarian charismatic leader, that people should follow. Your personal coach has said it more than one time: back off! Do not tell your people what to do, but listen, reflect, and...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
07. August, 09:52 Uhr

On September 6, 2018, Tom Haak, of the HR Trend Institute, will participate in a webinar focusing on individualisation and HR. Tom and Mike Muurmans of SAP will discuss the implications of individualisation and personalisation for HR, and how organisations can benefit. The webinar will be in Dutch. Please find below the convocation in Dutch. Individualisering binnen HR – wat betekent dit voor...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
12. Februar, 06:05 Uhr

HR can learn a lot from marketing and market research. Employees are consumers, and why would they behave a lot differently in the workplace than in the marketplace? Last year we used the terrific material of trendwatching.com on the 2017 consumer trends as the basis for our article: 2017 consumer trends and the opportunities for HR. Time for an update. In this article we look at the major 2018...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
06. Februar, 06:00 Uhr

In 2017 the website of the HR Trend Institute was visited by people from 201 countries! 71% of these visitors came from 15 countries: USA, with 21% of the total number of visitors India, 16% Netherlands, 9% UK, 6% Germany, 3% Canada, 3% Australia, 2% Philippines, 2% Belgium, 2% Singapore, 2% Spain, 2% South Africa, 2% France, 1% Thailand, 1% Italy, 1% We are very glad with this international...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
05. Februar, 06:00 Uhr

If you want to create confusion in a group of consultants, you should start a discussion about the purpose of organisations. There is always someone who starts explaining (with an underlying tone of “why do I always have to explain the basics?”) what a purpose is, and what the difference is between purpose, mission, vision and values. For a moment it seems to be clear, but that never lasts...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
01. Februar, 06:00 Uhr

What is Remote-how? Recently we got in touch with an interesting start-up: Remote-how. Remote-how is a monthly remote work & travel incentive program, to attract and retain top talents. They organise the possibility for young top talent to work at a remote location for one month. During this month they continue working, and also learn a lot about all the important aspects of remote working....

Favicon HR Trend Institute
31. Januar, 15:27 Uhr

Wellbeing at work gets more attention In the recent times, more and more organisations are taking the wellbeing of their employees a lot more seriously. And why shouldn’t they? Research has shown that a healthy and engaged workforce can cut down the cost per employee more than $1500. If yours is a large organisation, this means a lot of money can be saved, which in turn translates to an...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
24. Januar, 10:24 Uhr

On January 16, 2018, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute talked about the HR Trends for 2018, in a webinar organised by Human Resources Today and Kronos. The recording of the webinar is now available. “Megatrends” are influencing work and the workplace. What will the future of work look like, and how can organizations use these trends for their benefit? In his introduction, Tom Haak gives an...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
09. Juli, 05:15 Uhr

  This is a good time to review your HR projects (either new of existing). The following checklist might be useful. For each of your HR projects, please answer the following questions, using a 5-point scale (1=hardly, 5=to a large extend). 1. Link to strategy? Does the project contribute to your priority areas? Answer the question for each priority area (max 4). 2. Impact? Will the impact be...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
03. Juli, 13:47 Uhr

Silver Swan Recruitment just created the LGBT Worldwide Workplace Index,  which has found the 30 best countries in the world for LGBT workers. In the top spot is Luxembourg, followed by Australia, New Zealand, Monaco and France. The Index is based on various factors including anti-discrimination laws, employment rate, average salary, minimum wage and LGBT equality in the country as a...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
02. Juli, 05:00 Uhr

People analytics is developing and maturing. These are 10 major trends for the near future. 1. From one time to real-time Many workforce analytics efforts start as a consultancy project. A question is formulated (“How do our employees experience their journey?”), many people are interviewed, data is gathered, and with the help of the external consultants a nice report is written and many follow...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
15. Januar, 18:43 Uhr

1. The Accelerator Speed is of utmost importance. HR can help to accelerate processes and decision making. The pace in most organisations is too slow. The year is still the most important planning building block. HR can do a lot to help to increase the speed. Hire speedy persons. Get rid of, or redesign, slow and bureaucratic processes. Stop with one-size-fits-all concepts. Adopt ‘Just-in time’...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
25. Mai, 08:00 Uhr

Kevin Schuurmans, of Fresh Forces, recently started a podcast, called “Frisse Podcast” (Fresh Podcast). In episode 2 he interviews Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute. In 47 minutes various subjects are covered, as guerrilla HR, the power of artificial intelligence, people analytics and the importance of experimenting. You can listen to the podcast (in Dutch) via this link. HR Trends for...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
09. Januar, 20:18 Uhr

On January 16, 2018, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute will talk about the HR Trends for 2018, in a webinar organised by Human Resources Today and Kronos. “Megatrends” are influencing work and the workplace. What will the future of work look like, and how can organizations use these trends for their benefit? In his introduction, Tom Haak will give an overview of what I see as the most...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
25. Juni, 06:00 Uhr

Digitisation is everywhere, whether you like it or not. It disrupts the way we live and the way we work (together) – sometimes even subconsciously. Like in every change process there will be resistance, that might feel like it is delaying what needs to be done. However, when you can convince your toughest opponents, they will become your best allies. In this article,  I will share my views on...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
26. Juni, 12:29 Uhr

Column of Tom Haak (in Dutch) in the magazine of NCOI. The title: “Do you really know your employees?”.   The post Do you really know your employees? appeared first on HR Trend Institute.

Favicon HR Trend Institute
02. Januar, 15:49 Uhr

In 2017 we published 90 new articles to the website of the HR Trend Institute. What were the most popular articles in the last year, including popular articles published in 2016? This is the Top 8. 1. 10 HR trends for 2017 2. 6 major trends in HR shared services 3. 11 HR trends for 2016 4. 8 talent management trends for 2018 5. 8 major HR trends for 2018 6. 15 current HR trends 7. 7...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
18. Juni, 05:49 Uhr

Employee engagement is being used by Human Resources for several years now, to promote productivity and performance. Today that focus is expanding  to influencing retention and employer branding. Partially through designing an employee experience without discomfort. Due to the digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 , this will increase the importance of internal communication & technology,...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
27. Dezember, 06:20 Uhr

I am a long term Apple customer I am a long-term Apple customer. Also in the last year, I bought a lot of Apple stuff (three MacBooks Pro, a 27′ LG Screen, an Apple Watch, earpods and various accessories). The small issue The cheapest item (EUR 39,95) I bought online in the Apple shop was a Belkin USB-C to ethernet adapter. This was delivered to me on December 11, 2016. Last week it did not...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
11. Juni, 05:48 Uhr

HR trends and the opportunities for learning organisations On June 7, 2018, I gave a presentation about “HR trends and the opportunities for learning organisations”. I tried to cover 18 trends in 45 minutes, and as the beamer lost connection a couple of times, the actual presentation time was less. I realise it was probably a bit too much for some people in the audience to digest, at the end of...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
22. Dezember, 17:45 Uhr

December is a good month for list. We are very glad that our founder and director, Tom Haak, appeared on several end-of-year HR Guru/ Influencer/ Pioneer lists. Tom was also quoted in a Talent Management report, and he was interviewed for a Dutch radio station. HR Gurus A-Z List CakeHR regularly published a list of Human Resource’s Gurus. On the list of Q4 2017 we find 26 HR Gurus’s, including...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
19. Dezember, 14:58 Uhr

HR Trend Workshops In the last year, I conducted many workshops with HR teams focused on the current HR trends. I was fortunate to meet many ambitious HR teams, often of multinational organisations. A typical flow of a workshop is as follows: I give an overview of the current trends The participants complete the HR Trend Scan We review the HR strategy/ plan of the organisation, and consider...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
05. Juni, 11:18 Uhr

On May 16, 2018, Tom Haak gave a presentation about trends in recruitment at the HR Masters Summit in Bucharest (part of the Bucharest Technology Week). In his presentation, Tom covered 12 trends in recruitment. Focus on the candidate experience Speed! Advanced profiling From active to passive candidates AI powered recruitment and selection From fixed jobs to fluid...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
05. Dezember, 06:00 Uhr

The HR Trends videos We made five videos, summarising the major HR Trends for 2018. 1. HR Trends for 2018 (10:35) 2. From PTB to EI (1:00) 3. More focus on productivity (0:58) 4. Power to the people (o:58) 5. It is all about hospitality and service (0:58) The post HR Trends for 2018: the videos appeared first on HR Trend Institute.

Favicon HR Trend Institute
04. Dezember, 06:09 Uhr

Opportunities in L&D Tech Recently I presented my view on the status of HR Tech (HR Tech Trends: update). One of the conclusions: there seem to be good opportunities in the learning area. As a follow up on this presentation, I had a short brainstorm with some network partners last week. The question on the table: which trends should be considered when designing innovative learning...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
30. November, 13:46 Uhr

On our website On our website we publish blog posts about trends in HR, and related subjects. In 2017 the website was renewed (supported bij Jijonline), and it is now simpler, crispier and faster. In the first eleven months of 2017 we published 61 blog posts. The most read blog posts of the last year were (Top 5): 10 HR trends for 2017 11 HR trends for 2016 6 major trends in HR shared...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
29. November, 10:58 Uhr

On December 11, 2017, the next event of the HR Digital Belgium community will take place in Mechelen (Belgium). Please find below their announcement: Future of HR: Digital at Heart – December 11th We are pleased to announce our next event for 2017: ‘Future of HR: Digital at Heart’. Following our attendance at HR Tech World Amsterdam earlier this month we have been further convinced digital will...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
14. Mai, 04:36 Uhr

Moments that Matter – A Catalogue (part I) During the employee journey, there are critical moments that are important in establishing the employee experience: moments that matter. Jacob Morgan, is his book The employee experience advantage, makes a distinction between three kinds of moments that matter: specific (like the first day on the job), ongoing (like the interaction between employee and...

Favicon HR Trend Institute
27. November, 06:00 Uhr

Time to consider the HR Trends for 2018 The HR Trend Institute was founded nearly four years ago. Our first annual HR Trends prediction appeared in December 2014. In this article the overview of major trends we consider relevant for 2018. “Power to the People” and “Employee Intimacy” made the list. 2015: No more performance reviews Our list for 2015 had 9 subjects. No more performance...

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